Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins


Warning: this is book 1 of a series and you will want to read the next one as soon as you finish the first (I'm dying to know what happens, as I have to wait for the second book to become available in the library)

Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell

This book is a 'research' book that looks into different situations (obviously unusual and extra-ordinary situations) and shows why those situations are extraordinary. It talks about Bill Gates and how he became successful, why famous hockey players are mostly born between Jan- Mar., what lead to Korean Airline crashes and how they turned it around. It was such a cool book. I highly recommend it. It's really not a research book, but he does present information or data, but please don't be deterred. It's not like a textbook at all, it's really good.

"A Book of a Thousand Days" and "River Secrets"by Shannon Haleand

A book of a Thousand Days:
A girl goes to work for a wealthy family and the girl makes her promise that she will stay with her always. She promises and then finds out that the girl refused to marry a wealthy man and her father is putting her in a tower for 7 years or until she decides to marry him. The book is the maids journal and her thoughts, feelings and what they do. Don't worry, there's more to the story, but I don't want to ruin it.

When I started it I thought it was going to be so boring, 7 years in a tower...come on, boring. However, events turn and it ended up being a really good read. I enjoyed it.

River Secrets:
This is about a boy who is good friends with the king and queen (it's been awhile since i"ve read it and I can't remember the names...oops!). He is apart of the army and is suprised to find that he will is asked to be apart of a group that will be escorting a ambassador to a place that they just defeated in war. He continues to find dead bodies that resembles the way his country ended the war. He has to keep covering then up, so as not to start another war. He is trying to find out who is framing his country, and finds himself, as well as a little friend (yes, it's a girl...there has to be romance, right?!)

This book is a branch off (not quite sure if it counts as a trilogy) of the Goose Girl and Enna's burning. I didn't know this when I started, but it referred back to it. However, I couldn't remember the story that well (and I hadn't even read Enna's burning) and it really didn't matter. It did make me want to read the other books though. It was a good read, not the greatest, but still good.

Shannon Hale's writing style isn't my favorite. She really doesn't get to the true plot of the story until well into the book, so I get bored and it takes me awhile to finally get into it.

*Sorry Kathryn about all my run-ons and errors. I'm totally shot tonight. Just think of it as editing practice!