Sunday, August 8, 2010

Watership Down

I SOOO did not want to read this book. It was just me being stubborn. Plus I had heard that this was a boy book...kind of like Catcher in the Rye (which I read and wasn't too fond of). But, I got a huge pile of classics and since Drew was so insistent that I read Watership Down, I thought: What the heck!

It's about bunnies. Rabbits. That was another drawback for me. Two bunnies leave their warren (bunny community) because one of them had a feeling the warren is going to be destroyed. They take some other bunnies with them. All these bunnies are male so far. The adventure out and finally find the perfect place to start their new warren. However, they soon realize that if they don't get some lady folk in there soon, they're not gonna last very long. So they find another (bigger) warren kind of close to them and they go and ask for some female bunnies. However, this warren basically has an insane leader. Half the book is them dealing with this other warren, called the Efrafa.

I liked the book, actually. I was a more boyish book because it's all male for most of the book and there's some violence, but it was a good, interesting book. Definitely recommend reading it! Especially since it's considered a classic!

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