Friday, January 22, 2010

Angels and Demons by Dan Brown

This is a book that discusses something that Paul and I like to talk about. Science vs. religion. This book deals with the conflicts of the "purists" of each group. One man who is very religious, as well as a scientist, has discovered something that will show that science and religion are linked. A science faction (that ONLY believes in science) springs from the grave, kills the man and takes his experiment and plants it in Vatican city (it's pretty much a massive bomb). Robert Langdon, a expert on this science faction and other religious symbology, is called in to identify and help with discovering this group. Along with the Physicists daughter, who worked with her father on the experiment, they set out to Vatican city to recover the experiment before it goes off. They have 24 hours, but complications arise when 4 cardinals (the pope had just died and they were electing a new Pope, so all the cardinals from around the world are there) disappear and a man from the science faction calls telling them at each hour a cardinal will die. They must follow the clues around Rome to stop the murders as well as find the experiment before it blows Vatican city and some of the surrounding area.

It was a good book, a little disturbing, but good. It was captivating and solidified my stance on science and religion. It also made me sad that people don't know the truth about God and why we are here and where we are going ( will help if you are wondering about these questions). It's not my favorite book, I don't love Dan Brown, but I enjoyed the intellectual adventure. It definitely made me want to go to Rome though!

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