Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Bourne Identity

I loved this book! It is very different from the movie, so I had no idea what to expect. It's kind of an information overload (this may have had to do with the fact that I had to read it so quickly because it was due at the library), but it is very fun to read. It was written in the 70's so the state of the world and specifically Europe was different, so it was fun to read about the fear's, the political people, and the interaction between countries in that time.

It has the basic feel of the movie. A man is found in the ocean near Marseille, France. He cannot remember anything about what happened or even who he is. A Dr. takes care of him and gives him some insights to what he has found while taking care of him, as well as, how to slowly regain his memory. Bourne did have a chip surgically place in his skin which had an account number for a bank in Zurich. He goes and finds he is wanted by some men, who seem to know him, but who he cannot place. I don't want to ruin the rest, but he holds Marie hostage to try and escape these guys who are after him and she ends up staying and helping him find out who he is. However, he is not the only one trying to find his true identity, an assassin named Carlos and the American federal agencies are also trying to figure it out. At the beginning of the book you are taking the ride with Bourne, unsure of who he is or how he fits into all of the intrigue. You also only get the glimpses he receives of his past. As other people are involved you become aware of who he truly is. It is so fun!

Language: definitely PG-13

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