Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Dracula by Bram Stoker

Loved it. Actually, I really liked that it was like a comparison to reality. Well, spiritual reality. There is good and bad and they are in constant friction with each other. In the book, that's all they talk about. They are always saying, "If it's God's will." Which really, isn't that what it always comes down to? Life isn't in our hands. But then Dracula comes along and tries to take that spiritual agency away...and people's souls. Which is a problem.

It starts with Jonathan Harker and he goes to Count Dracula's castle to do some business and soon learns he's doing business with a pretty creepy guy. Stoker leaves that scene pretty suspenseful. For there we meet the vampire-catcher Van Helsing (which is where they got the movie title, I'm guessing) and watch a human-to-vampire transformation and a creepy marital-type thing with Dracula and the leading lady. And from there the destruction of evil. Overall a very well written, intensely interesting novel. I suggest reading the one edited by Glennis Byron. There are little notes on the bottom: historical and just informational.

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  1. I loved Dracula. I loved the way it was written (letter form for most of it) and I loved the suspense of it. I agree with the spiritual analogy of it. Especially that Dracula carefully and slowly transforms his victims, that it's hardly noticeable until it's too late. So true. Glad you liked it too!